Art, Community & Movement as Medicine

Women's Circles

Frequently scheduled on/near the new or full moon

Connect with yourself and other women through the practices of Qoya, Ceremony, Journaling & Creative Expression Exercises.

My Story

“I don’t know what I’m getting into… but I know that I need it,” I said to my husband as he drove me to the retreat center. 

Motherhood had rocked my world, my son was 2.5 years old and I needed a timeout. I had a fulfilling career working for myself and yet something was missing. It wasn’t fully lighting me up. I longed to reconnect with myself and integrate all that had transpired since I made the transition from maiden to mother.

The atmosphere upon entering the Qoya retreat can be described as “instant community.” It was safe and warm and welcoming. I listened to many stories over the course of the week. There were metaphors and magic all around. We worked each day with archetypal themes that include: shedding what no longer serves, trusting ourselves, opening to receive life’s sweetness and dreaming bigger dreams. I felt so alive, so connected. Each day was rich and full, nourishing and enlightening.

There's this saying in the Qoya community that goes, "COME AS YOU ARE, LEAVE MORE OF WHO YOU ARE."

I find that to be the best way to describe all that you encounter through participation in Qoya - whether in class, on a retreat or with a home practice.

Finding Qoya and attending that retreat forever altered the course of my life.

My heart is open! My soul is singing! And while life isn't all rainbows and butterflies, I can say with certainty that I experience an unrelenting sense of gratitude for all the abundance in my life. I am now in full alignment with my sacred work and am dedicated to helping women and teens find this bliss for themselves.

I'd be incredibly honored if you joined the Coventina Healing Arts community. CHA is in full expansion mode. While current offerings are on-site in Cold Spring, NY, online options are coming soon... SO STAY TUNED!!



Women are sacred

Women need one another

We honor the cycles of life: body, moon, seasons, & zodiac

Ceremony and ritual enrich daily life



No competition- A rising tide lifts all ships

Deep connections that go beyond small talk

All emotions are welcome- learn to move them through, learn from them

movement class, women's circle, women's group

Hi There! I'm Dana, and I created Coventina Healing Arts after finding Qoya, a movement practice and lifestyle dedicated to helping women remember their essence as wise, wild, and free. I have made a commitment to shift from simply going through the motions in life, work, motherhood, and relationships to living a lifestyle of reverence.

Living with reverence starts with slowing down, caring for and honoring yourself, honing your ability to listen to your intuition, being embodied, and honoring the cycles of your feminine body. 

I am calling in a community of women to join me. Women who want to stop playing it small, women who are ready to wake up and step more fully into their lives, women who desire to share their gifts with the planet- whether that be through starting a new business, shifting the way you raise your children, or simply by slowing down to enjoy each day a little bit more. 

Bachelorette Party

A nourishing alternative to a night on the town

Dana will guide your group through a unique series of movements, creative expression prompts, and rituals to honor your major life transition. Personalized to your interests and intentions.

Qoya Movement Classes

Remember your essence is Wise, Wild & Free

Combines yoga, dance and feminine movement. Classes encourage you to focus less on how it looks and more on how it feels. Excellent for honoring yourself and learning to connect with your intuition. Your first class is FREE!

​Bliss & Gratitude

Cacao and Despacho Gratitude Ceremony

​This beautiful and powerful ceremony will open the way for transformation. If you have never participated in one of these, I welcome you to come experience the magic for yourself. All you need to do is come with the willingness to open your heart. Beginner's Welcome!


Birthday Party

Gather your besties to bond, celebrate & nourish yourselves in a beautiful & intimate atmosphere.

Dana will guide your group through a unique series of movements, creative expression prompts, and rituals to celebrate your completion of another trip around the sun. Personalized to your interests and intentions.


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Overwhelmed by the pace of life

As if you’re in a momentum tunnel living for the weekend

Like so much giving has left you empty

You want something different but you aren’t even sure what that would look like

That you lost touch with who you are when you became a mother

There is an aspect of your life needs to be healed before you can move forward

Lonely despite having 500+ friends on social media


Rekindle the love affair with yourself

Receive support and connection

Discover the magic that is accessible in daily life

Slow down and honor life’s transitions: education, marriage, parenting, career, etc.

Bliss & Gratitude

Mother Blessing Ceremony

A nourishing alternative to a baby shower.

A celebration that uses ceremony and ritual to help a woman to prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the work of birthing. It aids in uniting her with her intuition and opening her to her instinctive abilities. 



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Experience a combination of Qoya, ceremony, journaling & creative expression designed to promote alignment, connection & healing. Slow down and step outside the whirlwind of daily life to truly nourish yourself.

Embody Your Radiance Retreat