Bliss & Gratitude:

A Ceremony for Expansion

This ceremony asks you to get really specific and to bring that energy of gratitude into your body to honor that aspect of your life. This ceremony has helped me to heal many aspects- letting go of past relationships, forgiveness, and it reminds me to see what I already have (rather than always wanting more). I often find myself welling up with tears of joy, almost overwhelmed with how beautiful my life is. It is said that by giving thanks you open up space for what you desire to come to you. Doing this in circle, hearing from other women, I realize that her story is also my story. That we are all one. I have found that the more I practice this the more my life expands.


Dream Bigger Dreams

To say that week changed my life doesn’t even begin to cover it. My heart, like the Grinch’s, expanded 10 sizes. It was like 5 years of therapy in 5 days. The biggest takeaway is that I left KNOWING, really deep in my bones, KNOWING having fully experienced in my body, KNOWING that ANYTHING is possible. ANYTHING.



Art, Community & Movement as Medicine

Patience Please. I'm Creating A Dream

It is in shifting energy in this way that we are able to heal, to become whole, to embody  our dreams, and to serve the highest good. In order to show up fully as ourselves, to do our sacred work in the world, to mother our children, to be in partnership, we must be able to embrace our shadow, as well as, our light. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “You have to feel it to heal it.” The shift I describe happened because I allowed myself to feel it all, trusting that when witnessed, the feelings would simply move through me.


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Make Space for Your Heart to Speak

​I personally experienced quite a bit of resistance when I upped my  self-care game. Feelings of guilt, selfishness, and unworthiness all bubbled to the surface. And they were loud. Putting myself first was in direct opposition to the messages in our culture in general and how I was raised in particular.
And yet, so many successful women, women whom I greatly admire, were sharing that when they fully committed to self-care they experienced big shifts in their lives.
So, I continued on with my research….