cacao & gratitude ceremony

Let's slow down enough to notice and honor the moon cycles, to see it as an invitation to track moods, health, and to connect with nature and the seasons. Let's use the cycle of the moon to deepen our awareness of our subconscious intentions and desires. ​​

Whatever it is that you desire is more likely to find its way to you if your heart is open. 
This beautiful and powerful combination of ceremonies will open the way for transformation. All you need to do is come with the willingness to open your heart. It really is that simple.

Mother Blessings

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement we remember. We remember, as women, our essence is wise, wild, and free. 

A Mother Blessing is different from a baby shower, in essence, because it offers the chance for women to come together and share in a sacred time of reflection, support, and celebration that is focused on nurturing and supporting the mother-to-be.

Cold Spring Qoya

No experience necessary! Open to women of all ages and abilities. There is no way you can do it wrong and the way you know that you're doing it right is when it feels good in your body. 

mother blessing ceremony

These workshops offer the opportunity to connect with yourself. We begin with a guided meditation and participants are then invited to respond by using a variety of materials to express any emotions or ideas that arose during the meditation.

A Mother Blessing is a celebration that uses ceremony and ritual to help a woman to prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the work of birthing.

We will be using the book Sacred Motherhood by Anni Daulter & Niki Dewart to guide our discussions.

Sacred Motherhood

​Book Club & Discussion Group

Creative Wellness

This book is one piece of a larger Sacred Living Community. The ideas of living mindfully, integrating rituals, and coming together in community resonate with me and I'd love to join together with other women around these ideas.

In this modern society, we find ourselves craving more relatedness and better ways to find a balance within ourselves. Ritual can lend a structure to our consciousness that increases meaning in day to day life.


Art, Community & Movement as Medicine

Moon Circles