Art, Community & Movement as Medicine

Connect with yourself and other women through the practices of Qoya, Ceremony, Journaling & Creative Expression Exercises.

Journaling & Creative Expression Exercises

Prompts are designed to illuminate your light, as well as, your shadow, to promote insight and healing.

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Bliss & Gratitude: Cacao Ceremony

Not only does the cacao elicit positive feelings, but the sharing of gratitude in community is incredibly healing.

"Interesting, invigorating, unique, special, opening, cathartic, educational."

"An investment in your soul's wellbeing!"

When: Sunday August 20th from 10:00am-1:00pm
Where: Create Community 
           11 Peekskill Rd. Cold Spring, NY
Cost: $44

"An honoring of feminine magic and of your truest deepest desires and authentic self through dance, art, tastes, and archetypal wisdom."

"A chance to reconnect with the voice within. It IS​ community!"

"A true gift and blessing to love, honor, and care for yourself."

ENGAGE in a variety of activities meant to encourage connection to 

YOUR INNER LIGHT- that part within that feels special, magical, divine.

DEEPENYOUR CONNECTION to your inner light by exploring its contrast- the shadow.

It's typically challenging to accept the parts of ourself that we find to be less than perfect. To deny your shadow is to deny an aspect of yourself. We will use this light to acknowledge the dark.


A movement practice that connects you to the wisdom of your body. It's not about how it looks, but about how it feels. No experience necessary- there is no way you can do it wrong! 

Each sign of the zodiac is found to be represented in an area of the body.

Leo energy resides in the heart.

ACTIVATEYOUR HEART through movement, creative expression & writing, and with the heart opening medicine of cacao.

The heart connects us to joy, courage, strength, and of course... LOVE. 

We will be focusing on self-love. Self-love is really self-awareness and self-acceptance that honors your full being by aligning thoughts with actions and intent with execution.


EXPLORE the archetype of the Zodiac sign of Leo- The Lion. 

The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the center of our solar system, it commands attention. People are drawn to light and the sun illuminates everyone and everything.

Leo energy represents the energy that the Sun possesses and that resides in each of us.

Leo energy stands tall and confident, displaying her glory for all to see.

Women's Circle: 

An Exploration of Light & Shadow 

"An opportunity to show yourself love, using dance, writing, art, and shamanic rituals. More than that it's a chance to be witnessed by other women nourishing yourself."