Art, Community & Movement as Medicine

What is Qoya?

Qoya is a movement system based in the idea that through movement we remember.

We remember our essence is wise, wild, and free.

Wise, wild and free also draw reference to the movement forms that we practice:
Wise: the wisdom of yoga
Wild: the creative expression in dance
Free: expanding our capacity to enjoy our bodies through feminine movement

In every Qoya class, you experience 13 core components expressing a unique theme for the day
that supports the embodiment of your feminine essence.

You also engage in ritual, pilgrimage, and community connections to open your heart, mind, and spirit.

You slow down and feel. You sweat. You play and have fun!

Your perspective shifts from going through the motions to savoring life as sacred.

You find the answers you seek in your body, and as well as the support to follow them.

When: Sunday August 12th from 11am-12:30pm

Where: Create Community 

           11 Peekskill Rd. Cold Spring, NY

Cost: $25 (your first class is free)


***Starting in July: Classes will be held on the Second Sunday of each month

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What teaching Qoya means to me:

It is such an honor to hold space for women to slow down, experience authentic connections, and tap into the light inside of themselves. It is so refreshing to give myself and others permission to feel a range of emotions and begin to trust that instead of avoiding the shadows, it is possible to mine them for wisdom. I also really appreciate that each class offers the opportunity to experience pure pleasure and joy.

Thinking of taking your first Qoya class?

I want to acknowledge that it takes courage to show up for that first time as it can be somewhat uncomfortable to try something new. In a group. The good news is that there is absolutely no way you can do it wrong and the focus is on finding the place where it feels good and true.

One of the greatest rewards found in a Qoya practice is that it offers a way for you to reunite with your body. You may just find that this reunion is the missing piece in your transformation.

I highly recommend giving it a try. The world needs you to step in to your radiance, and Qoya offers the map.

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